Only natural Salads
and Juices

A fresh combination of high quality fruit and vegetable perfectly accurate and refreshing (no added cream or masala)


Frooz offers varieties of Salads and Juices with different combination of Vegetables and fruits


We believe in convenient packaging for salads and juices


We do not fry salads as we encourage oil reduction and healthy weight maintenance

FROOZ Offers

Healthy and Tasty
Salads as well as Juices with

natural ingredients

Looking for healthy options?

Kickstart your healthy lifestyle with our frooz!

Frooz is nothing but our speciality routine salads and juices that offers nutritional benefits, Filled with greens, And Of course, reds and oranges too which are amazingly satisfying and truly delicious, they make you crave and ensure to truly open up your taste buds.

Begin your healthy salad dressing with our organic colourful veggies the more colourful the better to ensure the meal is full of nutrients, High in fibre making you feel healthy and strong.

Exotic Salads

Our salads are made with ingredients that have high nutritional value and are mainly serving proportions of required vitamins along with wholesome flavours and a crisp texture.

Cold Pressed Juices

We believe in premium ingredients, flavour, which are drawn locally. At Nutrizion, you get the best of what the nature has to offer which is why you get wholesome nutrition.

Dry Snacks

Our Dry snacks are the best choice if you're trying to curb your appetite or feeling hungry. Dry snacks have less calories than candies or cookies, which makes them perfect for indulging in small portions of your favorite food and keeping your calorie intake lower.

Meet our Director

Shefali Shrivastava

Shefali Shrivastava is a seasoned dietitian and wellness coach. As a nutritionist, she has been working with various healthcare centers for over 2 decade. She believes that the right food nourishes the entire being, which is why she decided to launch “FROOZ,” a brand that offers 100% natural salads, health bowls, and juices. What distinguishes FROOZ from the competition is that we create our own salad dressings from the finest herbs , with the most unique offerings, and that all of our products are free of refined sugar, emulsifiers, and preservatives, allowing for guilt-free eating. Her goal is to assist individuals, establish a favorable relationship with food and gain many perks of consuming a wide range of whole foods.

She believes that you can eat whatever you want. But moderation is key, Shefali emphasizes “Love Your Body, Love Your Life.” Her passion for nutritional food has inspired her to lead a team of enthusiastic and well-experienced individuals who know how to create the most nutrient-dense meal that actually taste delicious, and our premium packaging makes you realize you are consuming something better. It really is healthy, it looks good, it feels good, and it is economical. She with her team ensures that every product that leaves our kitchen is complete super food, so that our customers can enjoy it without hesitation and remain productive throughout the day.

Her extensive clientele reflects her renown and popularity. Her clients are her healthy and happy testimonies, she believes.

Being healthy is a conscious decision, and you may already know where you want to go; all you need is a map to get there! So set a goal for yourself and get started.


What our clients say

I loved the selection of salads and juices they are all very fresh and tasty. The owner Shefali is very friendly who always provides excellent customer service.The salads are very nutritious ,it does not feel monotous. The cold press juice they are great source of vitamin, mineral. You get to enjoy delightful flavour and texture.with this healthy juice and my regular walk I found my sugar levels consistently in control.Thank you Shefali who made my work out plan and proper diet chart that really help me to improve my sugar level and cholesterol.

Vegetables are fresh and the varieties are excellent, you never get bored eating salads and juice with Nutrizion.Wondering good by having salads and juices everyday and also feeling light and energetic throughout the day. Thank you! Shefali ,she truly takes the time out to listen to my concerns from her busy schedule. She is there every step “YOU HAVE BEEN AMAZING”. Thank you Nutrizion for introducing me to this amazing salads and juices.

A rare combination of tasty and healthy food. Thanks Nutrizion!By Delighting your customer with a delightful healthy choice that offers both taste and health benefits. Their specially selected salads and cold pressed juices will make you want to come back for more. Also , All Thanks to Shefali I have been associated with ma’am for more than 3 years. I could not continue my diet and workout due to lake of stamina and excess weight but all thanks to Shefali ma’am who made my work out plan and proper diet chart that really helped me to improve my stamina and a great posture. Ma’am has always encouraged me to reach my goal.