Services in our scope

Being healthy is the right of every individual. Nutrizion aims to educate people about the power of good health by simplifying the nutrition. We encourage people to have a physically active way of living which is also fun. We guide our clients on varied symptoms of nutritional deficiencies like bloating, weight gain, fatigue etc. We at Nutrizion, use a holistic approach to give you a balanced lifestyle. Our Pharma to Farm philosophy motivates the clients to have local grown food. Our prescribed diet encourages you to have your meal your grandmother’s way. We emphasize on diet plans that are inclusive of local produce rather than exotic vegies and fruits. Our individualistic method helps us focus on a person and design a personalized wellness program.

How can we help:

Diabetes Management

With our meal and exercise plan keep a tab on your blood sugar levels

Food Allergies & Intolerances

To find out about your food allergies and intolerance get in touch with our lifestyle manager for the right consultation.

Nutrition Wellness

Everybody knows about nutritious food, but we help you know the ‘when’ ‘how’ and ‘why’ about your food


Pregnancy comes with its own nuances. We help you ease the nuances with the right kind of diet.

Weight management

Manage your weight by consuming the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins.

Cardiovascular Management

Healthy heart needs a healthy diet. Nutrizion helps you to be young at heart.

Digestive Disorders, Diet Education, Disease Prevention, Eating Disorders

– “You are what you eat”. To make friends with healthy food see us at Nutrizion.

High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure

Maintain your blood pressure with corrective diet plan designed by our managers.


Control the ageing of your bones as you age with right diet and exercise the Nutrizion way.

Women’s Health Issues

“Hands that cradle, rule the world”. We empower women with good health.

We provide personalized and customised nutrition counseling for people of all ages.